Friday, November 28, 2008


Thanksgiving is over and Christmas is fast approaching. My needles are smoking from the effort to get my Christmas knitting done. I am really making pretty good progress. We had a lovely Craft sale last weekend. I meet some really great people. And got a job offer. Yep! You heard right I have been offer a teaching position with Metro Community College here in the KC area. I am So excited! I loved teaching knitting before and am ready to get back to it. So for the spring class schedule 'Beginner's Knitting I - Felted bag' will be taught by myself. The classes will be held out on the old military base in Belton.

Let's see any things else worth mentioning. I am still sick(?). I have this cough that will not go away. I am on almost a full month of it now. So sometimes I have a voice sometimes I don't, but I am not sick enough to justify a doctor's visit. So I just keep trying to wait it out. Blegh!

Oooo! I receive something of great value to me. I am the proud owner of a baby sweater Aughra knitted for my uncle. this sweater is srsly close to 60 years old. After I get it cleaned up and reblocked I will share. I also got to copy a pattern for the Most wonderful handmade stocking. I grew-up wanting this stocking for my own. I will probably not get it done this year but next year I will have it. After Christmas I will post pics of all my Christmas projects. I can't post them as they are finished because their soon to be owners frequent this blog. 'k. That is all for now.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

How Long?

How long?
How long am I to be understanding?
How long am I to be the only one worried about the future?
How long am I to be the only one parenting?
How long am I to be the only one deal with the bad?

How long should I put me behind them?
How long should I stay in a house that is not good for my daughter or me?
How long should I ignore that the XBox is more important than me?
How long should I believe that my child & myself are wanted?

How long do I keep my promises when they don't keep theirs?
How long do I hold on while the other person seems to let go?
How long do I believe them when they say thing will get better?
How long do I keep pretending?

How long is too long?
How long is too soon?

To my peeps ~just so you know we all have these questions sometimes.