Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Spider Socks!

I started a Spider-a-long on Ravelry. We are all working on spider themed projects. In the process of talking about the different spider patterns I found 2 sock patterns I wanted to make. The 1st of these is done! I give you Spider Socks! I love them. I made these outta Trekking Hand Art. They are a super fun. The pattern is a cuff down one. It seem to take forever then all of a sudden the big spider starts to take shape and Whoosh you are done!

I seem to stuck on socks lately. I just finished a pair of Sidewinders for Mama-san. She loves them. I use Knit Picks Imagination in the frog prince colorway. This pattern really show the yarn well. In traditional knitted socks, Imagination intends to pool a lot. Which not everybody loves. I am still having problems with the back to back decreases. I think the next time I make these pattern I will add I middle stitch to see if that fixes my laddering problem.
I have also got socks on my needles for a swap that I am in. Another spider sock that I will cast on as soon as I have finished the swapies ones. That pattern is called The Gardener. I also have 2 sock ideas rattling around in my head based on Gordan Lightfoot songs. One of which I must have done before my trip in June. Which should be too big of a deal the swatching is going great.

So my friends, I hope you like looking at sock pictures.


  1. The purple color socks are very nice! I always love purple! Very romantic feels!

  2. The Sidewinders are adorable. Love that yarn AND pattern. Those socks shout Spring.

  3. And I like the shoes - where did you get those wonderful "sock" shoes?

  4. Those are Mama-san's Born shoes. Nice, huh?