Sunday, October 11, 2009

Happy Birthday,Mama-san!

Something wonderful happened 55 years ago tomorrow. My Mama-san was born! She was a funny little kid who was desperately wanted by her family. She and her family lived through the Ruskin Heights tornado.She had what I am starting to think is a normal mid-western upbringing. Her parents weren't Ozzie & Harriet but they did the best they were able to. The daughter of a metal worker, she is staunchly pro-union. She was a rainbow girl. As High School honor roll student, she studied 2 languages (French and Spanish). She was a part of the drama club working on costumes for school plays. She grew-up during the Vietnam war. She married a military man right out of High school.

And though that starry eyed girl has been tripped up repeatedly since then, she has managed to hold on to something I lost in childhood. Optimism. She trusts people. She looks at something and assumes it will all work out. Isn't that amazing? I can only see the half empty glass and immediately start planning for the glass to become completely empty. Mama-san believes that someone will come along and help her fill that glass. This outlook on life is why people always under estimate her. It is what I love about her. I hope that she never loses it.

Happy Birthday, Mama.


  1. Happy Birthday Celia!!! Yay!!! I was at knit group in LS for a little while on Saturday. Not long. We were cleaning out closets this weekend. I love that picture of the two of you together. That is so sweet. Chelle

  2. There are few things nicer than a really great birthday present, especially one straight from the heart. THank dear one. (Oh by the way.... My best ever birthday present was a little girl named Celia Anne)