Friday, April 9, 2010

Cliff Jumping.

Most knitters/crocheters have go-to patterns that they pull out for gift giving opportunities. Something that they end up making over and over again because the pattern is easy and turns out great. I have a dear friend who found her go-to pattern for yarn. If she has a skein or so of yarn that she wants to work with but it hasn't told her what it wants to be it become the Storm Cloud Shawlette. She has made this pattern 4 times. FOUR! She would come to Saturday knit group and tell us all how easy this pattern was. Show us how pretty it was all worked up. We would all oh and ah over them.

One day Chelle decided to try it. [She has made at least 2. maybe 3]. She came back with this lovely green thing. Then Lorenia tried it [She has made 4]. The Storm Cloud Shawlette took over. Everybody was making them. So I caved. I admit it. I had this great handspun I didn't know what to make with and I just caved. So if mama-san asked me today "Would I jump off a cliff if all my friend were doing it?" The answer would have to be "Yes. Yes, I would."

Enough about my weak will power and the fact that my friends peer pressured me into this project. Peer Pressure? I'll be 35 this year. It never goes away.

This pattern is all that they,my peer pressuring bad influence friends, said. It is quick, easy and beautiful. It shows the loveliness of yarn off. It can go from Shawlette to half-moon blanket. And...drum roll please.. its free! So everybody go make your own. 'Cuz you know...All the cool kids are doing it.


  1. I have a skein of verrah pretteh yarn I don't know what to do with (oh, suprise!).
    You may have talked me into it......

  2. Hey Celia, I LOVE it when you update your blog. Somehow I didn't catch this update until today. Your Storm Cloud is gorgeous. Great job. I am one of the peer pressurers, aren't I? Yep.

    Guess what, I'm getting ready to catch on another one. Yeah, my next one is gonna be blue.

  3. Dee-

    Seriously It is very simple project that turns out great.

  4. Chelle -

    You may possibly be the Peer pressuring Chelle I spoke of.