Wednesday, July 23, 2008


I have come to the conclusion that I am slowly turning in to a hermit. It is very slowly mind you. But still it is happening. I don't like people as a whole. One at a time or even in small groups, they are ok. The entire population of the world not so much. Also my circle of friends seems to be getting smaller. There are alot of people I talk to but not very many I am 'friends' with. My world is shinking to the computer, Xbox and TV. So very not good.I have been recently inspired by the "Raverly Rubbernecker Quitsters". They are supporting each other as they try to quit smoking. Which numerous study have liken to a heroin addiction. Heavy stuff right? So I decided if they can get rid of their collective monkeys, I can totally try to be more social. That doesn't really sound like they are on the same level, but for me they are. I would rather do just about anything than open myself up to another person.I feel (and I think a lot of people feel this way) that if I open myself up people won't like me for who I am. That I'll be shunned. Or even worse ridiculed. What I have trouble understanding is the need to tear each other a part. Why do we assume other person is out to get us? Or even meant what they said harshly? Some where on this road trip somebody forgot to put the benefit-of-the-doubt bag in the car. Now we are out here with out it and all the stores seem to be sold out.So here are my goals:~ I will clean up my nasty sailor's mouth. I will do this by popping a rubberband on my wrist everytime I catch myself cursing. BTW I already have a welt. Grr!~ I will also try to strike the fine line between open and TMI.~ I will endevor to be more cheerful. Less the world is going to hell(pop! OW!) in a hand basket and more What a wonderful world! Here's hoping!


  1. I think it's a marvelous goal. It's not like kicking smoking but it's still a hard goal to try to achieve and I am really proud of you!


  2. I've become a hermit because of my pain and fatigue. My RL people don't have patience for me because I've gotten slow and clumsy. Losing faith in humanity.

    Really glad for my online friends.

    Thanks for linking me.