Sunday, August 10, 2008

Ravelympics 2008-Update

Well, My Stats for the Ravelympics are mixed. My Hannah Hat is done! Yippee! It took me just a few hours. I love the results. All in all completely enjoyable. Hat Dash '08 Gold!And then I moved on to my next event the Homestuff Hammer Throw. Not going well. It was supposedly an easy project. It looked easy. Little square scrubbies made of tulle and worsted weight cotton on Size US 10. I thought I could get 4 in before I moved on to the sock put. Ever try to knit tulle? It's hard. Really hard. You needles get stuck in the tulle. The tulle scrapes your hands enough that your hands start to hurt. I however was determined.  I will get these made. This project will not break me.  Now I have run out of the (insert really bad words that I am trying to stop saying here)tulle that I loathe working with!!! Sigh.  So today I am off to buy more tulle.  Ever have a cursed project?  

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