Monday, October 20, 2008


First I would like to say... DOG BUTT!

Isn't that a cute dog butt? The rest of the dog is cute too. But the getting on the couch and then leaning down to look out the window cracks me up! To those of you who may not have met Mr. Samson. He says 'Oh, Hi.' snort! I just woke him up in this picture. He is really more Samson after meeting Delilah. He is a rescue pup and has the scars to prove it. When we got him he was bald. Seriously. And they had him on all kinds of meds. As you can see he has been to CeliaAnne's hair club for dogs.

So updates...Let's see. Oh! the really important one my Mama-san is fine. Apparently her pieces parts are shaped really weird, but they all work fine and have no ickiness. YAY! Mini-me had her last soccer game this week. She got a trophy and everything. So I am no longer a soccer mom(a least until next season). I will post homage to my favorite soccer player soon. Also She had decided the she really needs some earrings. So next weekend I am taking my 8 yr old to get holes put in her head. I have finished my Rainyday Socks. I must say I am not a big fan of the bamboo yarn for socks. It is not as comfy as wool ones. However, I love the colors of them. I am trying to get the last of the three Hallowigs done for my Mama-san to take up to the cancer unit. I also can hear the clock ticking on my promised special olympic scarves for Yogini and Christmas time, she is a comin'. sigh. And a much ancipated Xbox game drops this week. Fable II. I loved Fable soo much. I must have started it over 6 or 7 times. Love! I say. But financial outlooks are low. So I will have to be a growed-up and wait. Being a growed-up sucks.

The 'Bum and I are holding even after the nuclear explosion earlier in the week. We are kind of in a armed-standoff until we talk to Dr. Feelgood this week. He is pretending everything is coming up roses. I am trying really hard to stay put. I am really am cut and run kind of person. If things get to hard, I feel the need to run away. I've had exactly 4 boyfriends, in my entire life, that lasted over 2 weeks. I married 2 of them. Staying power? I ain't got some. That's not really right. I didn't use to have some. I have been married 11 years to this one.

My Birthday was last week. 33 years on the planet. My Mama-san celebrated the whole week long. I got something from her everyday last week! I got all kind of wondrous goodies from everybody. On my actual birthday, My Papa-san and the Italian Goddess took me and Mini-me out to dinner. All in all a winner of a B-day.

My Etsy shop is up and running. I have add a link to my blog. I will be adding some of my Mama-san's designs also. So check it out. Oh. I have to take down the free Knitted wire bracelet pattern. Someone has been looking on my Etsy Shop a duplicating my designs. Which is pretty hard to do 'cuz I can't even make the same one twice. This is my 'I CAN SEE YOU!' to the big thief. Now I know this probably won't stop this person, but I did clearly state that it was for personal use only and if the items remain on the Internet, then I will be looking into further options. Is there anything else? Nope. I think I'm done for now. I have always heard you should leave on a high note, so here is the best toy ever or so he tells me.

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  1. Happy Belated Birthday! Glad your Mom is doing okay and you are hanging in there. Running away can be a problem too.