Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Fight or Flight?

Last night, himself scared me and I decked him. Now he thinks this is a serious overreaction to being spooked. Rrrriiight. So The 'Bum and I had a discussion about the fight or flight instinct.

Once in high school, which has been cougha bitcough, I went to one of the big haunted houses here in KCMO. I don't really remember which but I believe it was one of these. Anyhoo. I went with my big, strong, current boy-toy and some friends.

I was asked to leave. Actually I was kicked out. The very first time someone jumped out at me and surprised me...I hit them. I felt really bad about, but it was something I really couldn't control. When I realized what I was doing I tried to pull it. So I am pretty sure in most situations I would be a fight person. A least as sure as I can be with actually being in a bad situation.

Now, 'Bum, he has neither fight nor flight. In fact he doesn't really spook. He just stands there. No reaction whatsoever. I tease him that when Godzilla attacks Missouri, he is dead meat. Everybody else will run away, while he just stands there waiting to be squished. Being the kind and loving wifey that I am, I have promised to defend him should this ever occur. Snicker.

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